Blue Streak, Inc.
Why use us?
In order to deliver first class RF consulting services without the "here today, gone tomorrow" attitude that many have come to accept, here’s what Blue Streak offers:

1) Blue Streak brings expert services to the table from the aspects of both education and experience. We believe that while practical know-how is important, firm principles of engineering through degree programs, multi-disciplinary project comprehension, and continuing education are the key to handling problems, whether simple or complex.

2) Blue Streak incorporates future technological considerations besides the “here and now” to anticipate growth complications. This keeps clients satisfied in both the short and long term, as well as reduces the cost of maintaining systems in the future.

3) Blue Streak turns otherwise minimally profitable second/third tier market network developments into profitable efforts, through efficiency and fixed pricing. This efficiency helps to meet or exceed timetable requirements while keeping costs to a minimum, ensuring the best “bang for the buck” for our clients.

4) Blue Streak partners when needed with proven consultants and other organizations that are specialized in Airspace, Land Acquisition, or RF engineering. These partnerships keep expenses down and assure the right person’s involvement only for that amount of time needed.

5) Blue Streak provides flexibility in fixed-pricing structures so that clients can better capitalize and know how much something will cost based on their particular position. This enhances budgetary and accounting simplicity, and contributes to overall project efficiency.

….and finally….

6) Blue Streak is committed to the work ethic of “Getting it Right the First Time”. This also translates into doing a well-planned and efficient job for the client’s best interest, given the particular circumstance. To date, no client of Blue Streak has ever been disappointed with the amount of attention or quality of services.
Getting It Right The First Time